Cristian Likes Chocolate

The Den was a concept created by Caleb Walker and Joel Lopez.  We like beer and we like good bbq food.  So we joined forces to create The Den Smokehouse & Brewery.  Together we built this restaurant in the old Lucero Market almost from the ground up.  We had to dig trenches, pour concrete, build the kitchen, build the bar top, etc etc.  It was and is a lot of work.

For the sake of his growing family and responsibilities to them, Joel had to leave the responsibilities of the restaurant.  So currently it is mostly owned and totally managed by Caleb & Desi Walker.

We live in Kerman and we love the community here.  We are always looking for good food and good beer wherever we go, but we knew Kerman needed a go-to spot for good food and beer and so here we are.  Our goal is to create some of the richest flavors in both beers and bbq food.  We are always looking to perfect our craft and so we are always eager to hear, not only criticisms, but also what you love about food, beer and atmosphere.  So please let us know, dont be ashamed.

Our head chef, Cristian, pictured to the left is an integral part of the company.  He will be here to cook for you and manage the day to day activities in Kerman.  By the way, he loves chocolate.  *hint hint

We are also currently trying to get a production brewery facility up and running in Fresno.  A few things prompted us to build a brewery facility in Fresno.  First, it would allow us to get a tasting room into another market.  Also, we are out of space in Kerman.  We can barely keep up with the beer demand in our little restaurant but we would like to make enough beer to distribute to other venues and grocery stores.  We also find our water in Kerman has a great quality, but the water pressure in Kerman is a bit too low to build a production facility.  Check our website for its location and our News area for updates on this project.