Family Dinners Week 1/21-23

BBQ Chicken & Ribs

Next week we are going to do some family dinners again.  There are two to choose from or order any that we have done.  But please understand it is very important to pre-order these as they take a long time to bbq.

1 Whole Chicken, 1/3 rack of baby back ribs (roughly 4-5 bones), and 2 large sides - $30

1/2 Chicken, full rack of baby back ribs, and 2 large sides - $40

Add an extra 1/2 chicken for $4.  

Add as many to-go beers as you want, each $1 off with your family dinner.

Also, if you so desire, order any of the family deals anytime as long as you give us enough notice.  Don't think they are tied to specific weeks.  We are looking forward to serving you excellent food and beer.