The Food & Drink Business From Our Standpoint

The Food & Drink Business From Our Standpoint

We are having quite a bit of fun learning the ins and outs of the food and drink business.  Just when we think we got it, we don't.  Some days are maxed out some days are not.  There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it that we can see yet.

For food on a daily basis, tri tip holds up to its California popularity.  It sells faster than anything we have.  Secondly is the brisket.  Then we sell the pulled pork, ribs and other items.  At this point, ribs are on a "special" basis.  The problem with ribs if they do not sell we have to take them home or throw them away.  If they sit in a warmer they dry out and become less appetizing.  I'm sure some of these less appetizing ribs have made their way out of the restaurant and into your bellies and we do not want low quality food to leave our premises.  So we will announce through facebook and Instagram when they come out again.  If you want them, come get them.  If they continue to sell regularly then we will ramp them up again.

For beer, nothing seems to sell faster than the Honey Do.  In fact, if our beer is on, the guest taps dont seem to move much.  Sends quite the message that you love our beer and we thank you.  We have already purchased a larger brew house from Zack's Brewing.  They are currently storing it for us.  We want to expand our brewing operations so if you find a good location in either Fresno or Clovis let us know.  That would help greatly in getting our Kerman location open every day.  The current problem is finding time to make beer.  Craft beer is alive and well in Kerman.  Let's spread the love into Fresno now.

Speaking of that, we have heard rumors out there that we are not doing well and that craft beer is dead in Kerman.  We think some of this rumor comes from one or more of the large distributors out here that we will not mention by name.  If you have heard those rumors, rest assured they are not true.  We are here for the long haul.  We are doing quite well and are reinvesting back into the business and the community to continue to make it stronger and stronger.  Thank you for your support.

PS - We are working on a logo for The Honey Do beer.  When we get a final logo, we will make some shirts and hats with it so stay tuned!

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