More Features to our Website!

More Features to our Website!

We have been working on our website for a little while to add some more features to it.  So far we have the online ordering platform that you can utilize.  You can easily get to it by going to our website and clicking, Order Online at the top right or you can use the app if you are on a phone and it will either switch to the app or show you how to download the app.  It looks like this:

We have had a hard time updating all of the different providers out there like Google, Yelp,, Groupon, etc for our hours.  So we are trying to make it a 1 place location for hours updates.  Not sure if we can get the other sites to utilize our site for hours but it does support standard schema standards so we'll see. But at least on our site you can see on the top left of every page a spot that shows our hours for the day.  It also says whether we are open or not.  It looks like this:

If you drill down to the location you can see all of the weeks hours and that looks like this:

Also worth mentioning is the mailing list we have going right now.  We are trying to collect email addresses so we can keep in touch with you with our specials and other news.  The home page will pop up a contact form that you can fill in but if you ignored and it won't come up again, hit the subscribe now link also on the home page or you can click >>THIS<<.

I think this website platform we are using is dead so soon enough we will have to redesign the whole thing in newer technology but for now, please refer to this site for the information at least.  We know it is a bit ugly.  Hey, but the food is good right?  The beer?  Stay safe out there and look forward to mingling again.

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