Pandemic News for Everyone

Pandemic News for Everyone

We at the Den pride ourselves on our cleanliness and it shows even in our County Health Department reports.  We cook in front of you so you can see that we are doing what we can to keep the food safe and clean.  Of course if you notice us doing something we shouldn't, please tell us.

This pandemic, however, has really heightened our senses and made us even more aware.  We are doing what we can within the constraints of local authorities to serve good food while keeping things extra clean and sanitized.  We are also going to be spending some time during off hours to do some really deep cleaning, getting some build up of grease and grime out of the way again.  In our small business way, we are doing what we can.

With that being said, please come by and get your food and drink to go if possible.  We are trying very hard to keep our employees employed and our business running.  Last year was an eye-opening loss.  We are thinking that getting the brewery off the ground in Fresno will help keep sales higher as Kerman continues to grow.  We also think that lower prices will help more come to the Den to eat especially when the pandemic subsides.  We also suspect that more entertainment events will attract more.  But most important, we want to keep our quality high.  If you get something that is not up to quality, please tell us.  We need to know.

So whats the take-away?  We are trying to keep the Den in Kerman.  Even during this pandemic, we are doing everything we can to keep it going.  Cleanliness and sanitation are of upmost importance right now.

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  2. Call in your order at (559) 755-3412 during our current hours
  3. Get beer to go
  4. Watch out for more to-go specials coming
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