Sign up to get our specials or other news!

Sign up to get our specials or other news!

Its been difficult keeping good meats on the menu.  For example, when we have beef ribs, we announce on Instagram and Facebook, but, often nobody inquires and nobody purchases them.  When we do not have them angry customers ask why not.

While talking to a couple customers yesterday about the dilemma they said, they don't use social media.

We also have new customers come in every week and wonder, how long we have been there and why have they not heard of us.

Sadly, this shows how terrible we are at marketing.

One thing we are going to try to do is collect email addresses for people that want to receive news and specials from us.  You can sign up HERE.

You can also find a sign up on facebook.  There is another link to the sign up on our home page.  We will also get sign ups else where in and out of the restaurant itself.

We will never spam you and we will never sell your contact info to anyone.  There will be a nice easy way to unsubscribe but we hope the content will be quick and easy to spot the time you want to come in based on what's cooking or brewing.

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