Soft Opening 5/12/22

Tap Wall

We had a mild opening on 5/12.  This is not a restaurant, its only a small production brewery.  The tasting room is still limited in size but we will make things as comfortable as possible.  We will try to open to the public Thursday through Saturday from 4 pm to 9 pm.  But as usual for us, we will stay open as long as customers are present and having a good time.

We had a hibachi food truck for the opening day.  Very good food.  But, they didn't hit their sales goal so we will likely not have food there until we can get our following and sales up.  So if you come visit us bring in your food or have it delivered.

Beers available so far:

  • Honey Do
  • Art's Lightest
  • Standard Sour
  • Strawberry Apricot Sour
  • Raspberry Vanilla Sour
  • Mendota Slough Brown
  • Lion Tamer Brown Ale

The Raspberry sour was by far the most popular.  Its a raspberry fruited sour with some saison notes.  It has a hint of vanilla and wild with raspberry.  It is pretty tasty.

There is a lot of work still to do but we are going to get started on it.  The design of this brewery was based mostly on distribution.  The design was not intended to serve a lot of customers on site however we have ability to do so.  If we can get sales up we can likely get more trucks to visit us but we'll see how that goes.  We need to improve the outdoor dining and indoor dining areas a bit.

Also in the works is building a trailer so we can serve our delicious food on site in Fresno.  This could be the game changer we need to improve sales in Fresno, but then we won't need food trucks at that point.  


As a side note, we think the city will remove the boil mandate today, Friday May 13, but we'll have to wait and see.  If they do we will get going on preparing delicious food for you in Kerman!