What's Going On In Fresno?

What's Going On In Fresno?

Well, right now, nothing.  It appears that City of Fresno is closed because of COVID-19.  I guess they assume that city business is non-essential?  If I'm wrong, help me connect.  We have plans to submit so we can keep moving forward.

It has been a nightmare trying to get through the city of Fresno.  At first, with the FAASTER system we thought it would be, well, faster.  Wow, it most certainly is not.  While the planning side uses FAASTER, the building side does not.  They want to see 7 copies of paper plans, title 24, electrical, plumbing, and structural all for an existing building.  When asked why, the counter person told us that because we have to change the use of the customer seating area, the requirements are like building a new building.  WOW!

So, in a nutshell, we are waiting.  When we went through the conditional use process we did not know that we were going to need all of these drawings or we would have started a long time ago, but here we are.  We just got them finished and COVID-19 stalls us.  If its not one thing, its another.  Costs of doing business we guess.

We have a 10 bbl fermenter and a huge glycol chiller just sitting in that space as we wait.  We are ready to go as soon as they let us.

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