We Are Closing

The First Karaoke Night

Its been an interesting ride.  We opened up at 651 S Madera Ave, Kerman, CA on June 30, 2018 with big dreams.  We made some awesome new friends along the way.  We got regulars quickly but just not enough to make the work involved worth the effort.

November 30, 2022 will be our final day in the lease we have at 651 S. Madera Ave.  We may end up selling and removing certain items along the way and we'll post them on our website for all to see and buy if they desire.  

Just so we are all clear, we did not close due to bankruptcy.  We will close because of a lease dispute with the landlord.  He was offered a fair price for the purchase of the building for which he declined.  He was also offered a fair price for the monthly lease for which he declined.  The building needs A LOT of work which he would not do and we will not do unless it is our building.

  1. The sewer line out in the parking lot is broken which is causing the parking lot pavement to break apart
  2. The evaporator in the walk-in needs to be replaced
  3. The walk-in needs to be replaced because its rotting away because its old wood.
  4. The roof leaks in the rainy season
  5. The front window area needs to be remodeled
  6. The front door needs to be remodeled
  7. The lighting is going bad everywhere, replacing ballasts all the time
  8. The hood fan is on its last leg

For these reasons we think it has deterred many customers from returning or coming in at all.  Other reasons include its poor location and poor access to parking.  We spent more than $15,000 in marketing attempting to get customers in the door but the efforts had little to no results.

If we had $2000 days everyday, it would pay for the high rent and give us some spending money but many nights would go by with as little as a few hundred.  Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews told a story of delightful food and service but just not good enough to bring the crowds in.

We tried so many things to get the crowds in.  We listened to customers.  But all to no avail.  We will surely miss the restaurant by then, but getting some time off will be very welcome.

Overall, Kerman is our home.  We live down the street.  We love Kerman and had a lot of fun running a restaurant for almost 5 years.  We will continue to serve the highest quality food until we close the doors for the last time in November.  As we get closer to the date, expect shortages.  We still have lots of beer and food to sell and get rid of so please do not let this stop you from coming in.

Fresno will continue to produce beer at least for a while.  We were in talks to buy a food trailer but those discussion seemed to have fizzed out recently as well.  Its been a joy for the most part.  We'd like to thank all of our regular customers that have enjoyed our food and beer for the last 5 years.  To those that have been with us from the beginning to all of you who have recently found us.  Thank you.