Brewery Moved

Front Door

By this time all of the brewery equipment has been moved to our new facility in Frenso.  The address is 4230 W Swift Ave #105.  We have larger more professional equipment at this location.  We will be producing the normal favorites that everyone has come to love including Honey Do and Art's Lightest and we will be doing a lot of experimental beers from dark Stouts to light and hazy IPA's to fruited sours.  Plus we will be doing our very own hard seltzers for those that just like a good seltzer or if you have sensitivities to gluten.

We also have a nice tasting room there so that customers can sit have fresh beer on premises.  We will also have occasional food trucks for your enjoyment.

We hope to brew our first batch of beer at this location this Thursday the 24th.  Possibly 3 weeks from there we might have enough supply to also open in Fresno.  Looking forward to it as much as you are.  More info to follow.

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