We Are Trying To Make This Work

The Beginning

In June it will be 4 years since we opened.  Most restaurants do not survive the first year let alone even 3.  We look with fondness at the picture here.  This was The Den before we were The Den.  Pictured here you see Uncle G helping us do some work on our little spot.  Later we named a beer after him.  For all of this we are proud.  We are proud to be part of the Kerman community.  We live right down the street from the building.  We are proud of the quality food that we make.  Yes we make mistakes, but we like to think we are quick to remedy the mistakes when they occur.  Our customers that come in, become our friends.  Thank you to all of you.

Sometimes businesses announce they are closing the doors and we are all left to wonder, why?  What happened?  This post is communication to everyone, before we close, that we will likely not be able to stay in business through 2022.  COVID shutdowns almost destroyed us.  When things started opening up mid-2021, business was strong, but since about the end of September we have again slowly declined in sales.  Christmas and New Years are typically slow for us in Kerman, but we are again at COVID shutdown levels again.  If we keep this up we will not be able to pay the bills by February.

At times we wonder, is it COVID related?  Are people not going out any more?  Well the other restaurants in Fresno are always full and at least one other restaurant in Kerman is always packed out.  So it leaves us to wonder, is it us?  Are we doing something we shouldn't or not doing something we should?

We have heard people say we need to open more, however the days we are open all day long, are often the same in sales or less but with the added cost of being open all day.  We have heard of people say that they have had everything on our menu.  We understand that people may get tired of BBQ, so we make other types of meals, from home-made pasta, to stuffed chicken breast, home-made raviolis, etc etc.  We have specials every day and every week and every month.  We have hired marketing companies to help get the word out.  We do catering.  We have an excellent cook that is typically fast and consistent (mostly).  We have done live music events month after month.  Those that have expressed ideas, we have implemented.  The only thing we hear is how great our food and beer is.  Even on Doordash we have gotten their "Most Loved" award multiple times.

We have sent out surveys and facebook posts requesting feedback.  But we cannot figure out why we consistently have lower participation from our customer base?  Is it parking?  Is it our shoddy building we are stuck with?  Is it our service?  Is it food?  This is a last ditch effort to get some valuable information as to what we can do to make the experience at our little "hole in the wall" restaurant more appealing thereby increasing revenues and staying in business.  Reach out to me.  My email is caleb (a) thedenbrews.com.  Message us on Facebook.  Message us on Instagram.  Send me a text message.  My number is (559) 217-2241